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Root Canal Treatment

Our Work

Case Study One

Description: A large apical lesion on UR2 with large sinus tract in palatal. Negative response to sensitivity test and negative to vertical percussion test. Diagnosis with necrotic nerve on UR2. Root canal treatment was conducted in a single appointment.

One year later, the patient attended as the UR1 crown came out, X-ray showed apical area around UR1 which could have been a residual lesion from the UR2. The recommended treatment plan was a post-crown, and re-root canal treatment. Two years later, the lesion on UR1 has gone and UR2 is healing satisfactorily. Both teeth are asymptomatic and functional.

Our Work

Case Study Two

Description: UR6 root canal treatment conducted in one appointment and 4 canals localized. Severe curvature of 90 degrees in the palatal root.

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