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General Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions, these have been chosen to help you and answer your questions.

The root canal is not painful in the majority of the cases, if the patient experiences pain or discomfort during the procedure more anesthetic will be provided.

This depends on how much of the tooth has been removed. In the best case scenario a resin composite (white filling) will be chosen. However, if a white filling is not enough to keep the functionality of the tooth a crown or post-crown would be recommended, this treatment will usually be conducted by your own dentist.

This treatment is usually performed when the root canal retreatment has been attempted unsuccessfully or in large post crowns restorations.

In this scenario, there are a few options:  root canal retreatment, apical microsurgery or removal of the tooth.

Pulpotomy involves the partial or complete removal of the pulp which is located in the pulp chamber. It is unlikely, this treatment will be required as the inflammation or degeneration of the nerve tissue is limited to a very small part of the tooth.

This treatment is typically performed in children over 8 years old whose adult teeth are not fully formed. This treatment involves partial removal of the nerve located inside the roots. The remaining nerve will aid the formation of the roots.